Permit to use

Download Conditions for detailed requirements of license to construct KSP® walls.

Process for KSP® Use

For permission to use KSP® on a project without infringing Balfour Beatty plc’s Intellectual Property rights under Section 60 of the Patents Act 1977, the following is required:


  • Ensure drawings with KSP designs have the notes acknowledging KSP’s patented status (details in Guidance to Users).
  • Prior to issue of designer-approved drawings, submit Form A to notify us of design using KSP and details of the project, client and (if known at this stage) the contractor.


  • If your project is to include the design and construction of KSP walls, ensure the contract for construction makes clear that a licence is required prior to construction and states who, normally the contractor, is to obtain the licence (as designated Licensee) and be responsible for paying the licence fee.

Contractor/Designated Licensee (if not the Contractor)

  • Not later than 30 days before start of KSP wall construction, submit Form B – Request for KSP License or advise of an alternative Licensee, e.g. client or piling subcontractor. [Any alternative Licensee shall complete Form B in place of the contractor].
  • Form B is to be accompanied by a copy of the Designer’s completed Form A. Form D is completed by the Licensee to provide details of the proposed KSP scope if a valid Form A is not available (may apply to some older schemes).
  • Prior to issuing the Licence Approval, the Licensor will advise and agree with the Licensee the fee basis to be adopted for the Licence and the value of the Initial Fee due (see Payment Schedule, Annex B of Conditions).
  • The Licensor will issue to the Licensee a Licence which will consist of the signed Licence Approval (see Pro-forma) together with the documents listed in the Licence Approval. The Licence, which will only come into effect on payment by the Licensee of the Initial Fee, must be in place before start of construction.

Piling Subcontractor

  • On award of any subcontract to install KSP walls on the project, check that a Licence has been obtained and ask the contractor for a copy. Submit Form C to advise us you will be the installing subcontractor and enter the licence number and proposed start date. If a licence has not yet been issued complete the additional data requested, the project, commencement date, details of the contractor and the Licensee.

See Guidance to Users for more detail.

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To use KSP on your project, see Guidance to Users updated 15 July 2021 & new Permit to Use.

Latest News

May 2023: KSP walls are due to start shortly for slope stabilisation on both rail and highway applications, taking advantage of the important benefit that KSP facilitates groundwater flow.

2022: Saw completion of further KSP walls on the M1, M45 and M56 motorways.

31 August 2021: Correct Link to Technical Guidance Download reinstated (inadvertently re-directed in website upgrade of 28 July 2021).

July 2021: Installation of the last KSP wall on M4 Junctions 3 – 12 Smart Motorway marked completion of many kilometres of Smart Motorway KSP walls across the Highways England network. KSP walls are currently being designed for further schemes under the Smart Motorway Alliance programme.

2020 saw completion of substantial anchored and cantilever KSP walls for Langport Embankment for Network Rail, following on from those on Bridgewater rail embankment in 2019. KSP walls completed or in progress for Highways England include M23 J8-10, M1 J13-16, M4 J3-12, M25 EAs 01 & 06 and A19 Norton to Wynyard. Further KSP walls are envisaged on Highways England SMA schemes currently in the design phase.