King Sheet Piling (KSP®)

The award-winning King Sheet Piling (KSP®) retaining wall system typically saves 35% to 40% of the steel used in a standard wall, whilst delivering marked productivity, environmental and sustainability benefits. It can be up to 4 times faster to install.

What Does KSP Offer?

KSP is a simple, radical innovation that revolutionises 120 years of sheet piling practice. It uses sheet piles more efficiently to yield typical steel savings of 35% to 40% in standard cantilever walls, whilst guaranteeing dramatic productivity, environmental and sustainability benefits.

How Does KSP Work?

Many sheet pile walls are sized for driveability, using heavier sections than required structurally for the wall. KSP harnesses the surplus structural capacity by 'thinking laterally' to use pairs of Z section piles as "kings" with lighter, shorter Z piles or "intermediates" spanning horizontally between them. For further details, including options for water cut-offs, see the Technical page.

What is KSP’s Track Record?

To date KSP has delivered:

  • Multi-million pound savings for Contractor and Client
  • De-risked critical programmes on two major projects worth a combined £1.2 billion
  • Substantial sustainability, constructability and environmental benefits
After 25 km of KSP on the M25 motorway DBFO initial widening, subsequent use includes: A421 near Bedford, A1 Coal House to MetroCentre, A11 Fiveways - Thetford, A14 Cambridgeshire to Huntingdon, a railway embankment at Westbury and Smart Motorway schemes including: Manchester SM, M4/M5, M25 LUS, M3 J2-4A, M1 J19-16, M1 J23A-25, M25 J30 Improvement, M5 J4A-6 and M6 J2-4. Further current Smart Motorway projects with KSP underway or planned include M1 J13-16, M4 J3-12, M6 J13-16 and M23 J8-10.

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To find out how you can use a KSP wall on your project, see Guidance to Users. Contact for more information.

Latest News

19 December 2018: The European Patent Office today issued Patent No 2326773 covering the intellectual property behind King Sheet Piling (KSP).

18 April 2018: February saw the start of KSP installation on the A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton highway project. Planned other UK Smart Motorway work this year using KSP walls includes the M1 Jnct 23A-25, M6 Jnct 2-4, M4, Jnct 3-12, M1, J13-16 and M23 Jnct 8-10. Last summer saw completion of KSP walls on M1 Jnct 19-16, M25 Jnct 30 Improvement and M5 Jnct 4A-6.

31st January 2018: The Canadian IPO granted patent 2 732 905 covering the intellectual property rights behind KSP.

21 December 2017: The Australian IPO issued Patent AU-B-2016203186 covering the intellectual property rights behind KSP.